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Marci is an easy-to-use, low-cost, hosted service displaying your SHOUTcast & Icecast playlist beautifully anywhere on your website.

About Marci

Hosted. Fast. Friendly.


"It's What You Hear That Matters"

I heard that phrase often in the beginning of my 10-year, radio career. It didn't really matter what the broadcast studio looked like in those days. All that mattered was the music. That is still true today, but now it's also important how your station, terrestrial or web-broadcast, is perceived on the Internet. You may sound professional, but do you look it? Your station's website must also appeal to your audience. And, we all know content is king.

That's where I come in.


Marci makes the content of an otherwise boring, playlist-history page, exciting! With Marci, the tools to pretty up your playlist are now at your fingertips.

And All It Takes Is One Line of Code

Breathe new life into your radio station's website with a display many have called, "a beautiful and quality tool for broadcasters."

Try Marci, and see how easy it is to pretty up your playlist.

You want your station to sound great. I want your station to look great.

Finally! Somebody gets it.


Just a Fraction of Hundreds of Marci Configuration Options


  • Change text color, size, padding and weight
  • Choose from over two dozen Google fonts
  • Selectable background images
  • Variable size thumbnails
  • Monochromatic themes
  • Zebra style listing


  • Twitter Updates
  • AmazonMP3 Affiliate Links
  • iTunes Affiliate Links
  • Track Ratings Database


  • Track, Album, Tour Info
  • Top Albums, Top Tracks
  • Artist Bios


  • Automatic display of artist and album images
  • Upload your own artist and album images
  • Hide commercials, sweepers, promos, ids
  • Features song currently "On Air"

Coming Soon

This service is what online radio
has been crying out for.

Try Marci

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Fill in the Required Fields.

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Step 3

Click the Pretty Pink Button.

  • More

    Track Numbers

    Most of us can count to 10, even 20. Marci can too. Tracks numbers can be displayed. Their font family, size and color is up to you. Get creative!

  • More

    Artist Info, Ratings, Social Media, E-commerce

    Learn more about artists, album releases, tour dates and more. Rate the tracks, buy tracks, be social.

  • More

    Artist, Title, Album, & more..

    Know who is playing at a glance. Some stations even include the year the track was released. That will make you feel old, right?

  • More


    Probably the first thing you notice when you see Marci. Many different sizes are available. Choose a border color, make them monochromatic, push the text away and more.

Marci gives legitimacy to any radio player
and ultimately, any internet radio station.

Plans & Pricing

All Services Are Billed Annually



  • $2.29per month

  • Display for up to 250 Max Simultaneous Requests
  • Instant Setup & Activation
  • Fast, Friendly Email Support



  • $3.39per month

  • Display for up to 500 Max Simultaneous Requests
  • Instant Setup & Activation
  • Fast, Friendly Email Support



  • $5.69per month

  • Display for up to 750 Max Simultaneous Requests
  • Instant Setup & Activation
  • Fast, Friendly Email Support



  • $10.29per month

  • Display for up to 1000 Max Simultaneous Requests
  • Instant Setup & Activation
  • Fast, Friendly Email Support


Heads up! Pricing is based on your current streaming plan's max listener slots. You are free to choose any plan that suits your needs.
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